Our Bando Towels

Bando Towels bring a new meaning to multi-use, so whatever your sport, we've got you covered with our premium sustainable sports towels.

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Player's Towel

Our most popular sports towel, this double-sided Bando towel comes with an embossed elastic loop which is perfect for attaching to your sports bag.

  • 70cm x 40cm
  • Elastic loop attachment
  • Double-sided designs

Tour Towel

As it's namesake suggests, inspired by touring professionals, the Tour Towel is perfect for golf, tennis, padel and in the gym. The Tour Towel is loop less, allowing easy movability for whatever sport you desire.

  • 100cm x 40cm
  • No loop attachment
  • Double-sided designs

Pro Towel

The Bando Pro Towel is a must have if you're on the padel court, in the rowing boat or down the gym. It's small in size, but big in performance and impact.

  • 70cm x 30cm
  • No loop attachment
  • Double-sided designs

Gifting bag

Complete the experience with our brand-able gifting bags. Perfect to house your towel in, but doubles up as a valuables bag for your keys, wallet, phone and more while you're playing.

  • 21cm x 14cm
  • Reusable & multipurpose
  • Double-sided designs