1kg collected for every product sold

In February 2022, we merged profit and purpose together and launched our '1 for 1kg' initiative, where we fund the collection of 1kg of ocean-bound plastic for every product we sell through our partners Eco-world Watamu.

  • Eco World Watamu

    EcoWorld is run by Steve Trott, a marine biologist who – with his team – set up the non-profit in 2012, as Kenya’s answer to sustainable waste recycling, providing environmental benefits, and community wealth.

    Through this partnership, we aim to bring awareness to ocean pollution; particularly the impact of single-use plastic bottles that is a big challenge to tackle.

  • The mission

    Every year an estimated 12 million metric tons of plastic waste enters our oceans. Worldwide we use 1.4 billion plastic bottles every single day

    Our Mission is to formalise a waste collector sector of women and youth to power the plastics circular economy at the Kenya coast, bringing social, economic and environmental benefits. Creating dynamic plastic waste value chains will uplift the quality of people’s lives and help protect our coastal environment.

  • The solution

    In Watamu, we have created a local solution to the global problem of marine plastic litter and plastic waste disposal.

    Over the past 10 years in Watamu we have “turned the tide on trash” through creating a Circular Economy by employing local people to clean beaches and providing work for plastic recyclers.

    The results of this innovative approach is cleaned up beaches, reduced threats to the environment, reduction in plastic waste going to landfill and creation of diverse income streams for people.

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EcoWorld Watamu is Kenya's answer to recycling waste, promoting health and community wealth.