About us

Bando stands for Bespoke and Original.

We're a sustainable sports merchandise brand delivering a premium experience to our global customers.

  • Our story

    After playing a round of golf behind a large group, we discovered that they were a golf day raising money for a charity: we had no idea they were all together.

    We thought it’s strange that every other sport has a way to unify the players together, but also allows sponsorship placement for raising awareness or revenue on the apparel.

    So we found a functional product that every golfer has, that would unify the group, allow space to share their story, and enable them to raise awareness and revenue.

  • Our founder

    Our founder, Lucas Lee (left) with Professional golfer Billy Horschel and his Bando Custom towel, inspired by his football team West Ham.

    This encapsulates what Lucas and the rest of the team set out to create, a functional billboard for your personality, your identity, your individuality and your story.

  • Our customers

    Our global network of customers span from household names, international tournaments, to charity and corporate sporting events.

    With our ability to ship directly to the customer, we're able to deliver around the world.

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  • Our commitment

    In February 2022, we merged profit and purpose together and launched our '1 for 1kg' initiative, where we fund the collection of 1kg of ocean-bound plastic for every product we sell through our partners Eco-world Watamu.

    By combining innovation, sustainability, and personalised design, we empower our clients to elevate their events with a thoughtful and impactful gift.

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  • Our mission

    Bando goes beyond just providing sports towels; we deliver an experience that speaks to the heart of individuality and environmental responsibility.

    What started in golf, has grown into tennis, padel, fitness and more around the world.