Our towel. Your impact.

Sustainability isn't just a part of our business; it's a core pillar at Bando, shaping every aspect of our commitment to eco-friendly practices and responsible product creation.

  • Planet positive manufacturing

    Using on-demand manufacturing is a great way to reduce waste and conserve resources. By producing only what is required, on-demand manufacturing helps reduce the amount of excess inventory that could ultimately end up in landfills.

    On-demand manufacturing also reduces the amount of energy and resources required to produce excess fabric, making it a more environmentally conscious production method.

  • DHL Green Logistics

    At Bando, we take our commitment to the planet seriously.

    That is why we proudly partner with DHL Express, utilising sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) via the GoGreen Plus service to deliver your orders.

    By investing in sustainable aviation fuel, we actively reduce the CO2e emissions associated with our shipments, minimising our carbon footprint. We believe it's our responsibility to do what's right for the planet, and we want to empower our customers to make a positive impact too.

    Together, let's embrace sustainable practices and contribute to a greener future. Thank you for choosing Bando and joining us in making a difference for our planet.