From plastic to performance

At Bando, we're proud to weave stories and sustainability together. Our towels feature post-consumer materials certified by the Global Recycling Standard, embracing eco-friendly practices for a cleaner future.

  • Using recycled materials

    Our towels are made using Global Recycling Standard-certified materials.

    The plastic bottles are shredded into flakes and melted down into pellets, then the pellets are extruded into yarn. The yarn is then knitted, cut, and sewn to make the core material used in our towels.

  • Reusing packaging

    Recycled packaging and boxes isn't just about ticking a sustainability checkbox—it's integral to our commitment to environmental responsibility.

    Beyond minimising waste, our choice reflects our ethos of responsibility towards future generations.

  • Reusable gifting bags

    Our reusable gifting bags aren't just an accessory—they're a statement of our commitment to sustainability and excellence.

    Designed to complement our premium towels, these customisable bags offer a touch of luxury while aligning with our brand's ethos of environmental responsibility.

  • Environmentally Friendly-Ink

    Environmentally friendly-inks adhere to stringent environmental standards without compromising on the vibrant colours and high-quality prints our customers expect.

    It's not just about producing exceptional products; it's about doing so responsibly, ensuring a brighter, cleaner future for generations to come.

Quality in every detail

The word quality is losing its quality. Today, even the cheapest products on the market use empty claims about being well made or long lasting.

At Bando, nothing is left to chance, there’s quality in every detail.

  • 85% recycled materials
  • Environmentally friendly inks
  • On-demand manufacturing
  • Reduced labelling
  • Reduced waste
  • Reusable products